Friday, 2 July 2010

The busy day of Friday.

Friday is my day off. I therefore try to cram as much as i can in. It was too hot to go to the gym so i decided to dye up some more yarn and sunbath.

Here are the willow leaves & twigs cooking up along side dinner :). A combination of spaghetti, meatballs and willow that smells like lemon when cooking is a very odd combination.

I am dyeing up some wool mix for someone on Ravelry and this is my process -

I presoaked in citric acid and mixed up Cerulean blue with some lemon yellow.
I microwaved for 5 mins and left it to cool.
When I rinsed it out it was very green so i though i would put it in for a second blast.
I rinsed it through again and its a nicer blue/green but a bit patchy.
Hopefully when its balled up it will look nicer.

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