Monday, 2 January 2012

I'm on a creative streak!!

So I had some Eskimo left over from my last project and I hate having bits of yarn sitting around.

I decided as my last pattern was well received I would create another!!

Here is my chunky bracelet pattern-

Super Bulky yarn

6mm Hook

Chain 20

SS into 1st chain

chain 3, 1 tr into each sc around

SS into 3 chain.

1 tr all around

ss into 3 chain

1 tr all around

ss into 3 chain

Fasten off.

Darn foundation chain into last chain off trebles to create a 'sausage'

I found this way much quicker than making a tube then folding down.

You may have realised by now I have a very short attention span!!

Thanks again for reading and I hope I make sense.

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