Sunday, 24 February 2013

Hey, it's been a while....

Vintage Childs Collar

In US terms

This pattern can use any yarn and hook combination. I have generally gone for a DK with a 4.5mm - 6mm hook.
This gives you a collar that should fit a toddler.

Chain 54

Hdc in the 2nd chain from hook (53)

Ch 3, Trb in next 3 St, *2 Trb in next Stitch, Trb in next 3 St*  Repeat to end (67)

Ch 1, Sk 1st St, 5 Trb in next St, *Sk 1 St, Sc, Sk 1, 5Trb* Across. Slst into turning chain of previous row.



  1. I have completely forgotten to put how to fasten off!

    For health & safety, I am using snap buttons.
    But you can use ribbon, crochet chain or buttons to fasten together.

  2. Hi!
    I found you through Ravelry, I hope you dont mind, but Im trying and failing to make the Happy Hoodie by Helen Adley that i see youve made; I want to make it for a newborn BUT its coming out hge, esp doing two rows of dc for each colour at a time..any advice or links?